Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Real Love Story (Part II)

We prayed.

He answered.

I don't know how many gathered together to pray for the life of an unborn child, but God brought us a miracle.  I could just sense that He was working, and He did.

This baby will live.

The young woman for whom I pleaded is now a mother-to-be.  She showed her friend the picture of the sonogram she is carrying around with her. To remind her of whom she holds.

What are the odds?

Practically zero, according to my friend Irene who works at a pregnancy center.  Statistically speaking any woman who has had one abortion will almost always abort again in the event of another unplanned pregnancy.

It takes a miracle.

Ann Voskamp noticed in Scripture that thanksgiving always precedes a miracle.  We gave thanks, and we got our miracle.

Now I am praying for another.

But first: Thanksgiving.  Overwhelming gratitude for such a clear answer to corporate prayer.   Thanksgiving that I pray to a God who is not just Able, He is Good.

Thankful for a God who is not done writing this story.  I don't presume to know His ways.  I do know that He can work something beautiful out of any situation.  And I am so grateful.

Still, I am praying.  Praying that this young mother would love enough to allow another woman to be "Mommy" to her child.

I am praying that as she stretches herself to place the needs of her child above her own need for love, that she would find the love she has been craving.

Not from a man.

Not from a child.

But from a God who loved her enough that He gave everything so that she could have the best.

Perhaps in this season of Advent, she will be brought a picture of another young mother who had a VERY unplanned pregnancy.  Unplanned to her.

Not to Him.

And the Babe that He gave up, came so that she could have perfect love.


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