Monday, January 30, 2012

Cultivating Gratitude #696-#718

696. One last everything before sending our Frenchman home.

697. My funny girls!

698. Back to routine, such as it is.

699. 5-egg day

700. Worship with my "family" at church.

701. Teaching what I love.

702. Excellent young adult fiction.

703. Early gray sky--gorgeous morning.

704. Still amazed by the eggs!

705. Dorothy safe in her home in Haiti.

706. One more paycheck.

707. The Pomodoro Technique great for "distractables" like me!

708. Wonderful encouraging book written by an encouraging friend.

709. Sweet note from one of my favorite underdogs.

710. Hassle-free replacement of our "school" kindle.

711. One way or another, a chance to trust God's provision.

712. Power-walking the pasture with a very happy dog.

713. Steers dozing in the sun.

714. Amazima necklace as a gift.  Someone was listening!

715. Happy students, glad to be back together, (if not back in class).

716. Aircraft work for Mike. God's provision.

717. The sound of rain through an open window.

718. Reed taking a personality test: "This ALL describes me!"


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