Thursday, November 10, 2011


294. Venison on the grill cooked by my "baby."

295. Fresh apples and pears.  Fall tastes and Christmas colors in a bowl.

296. Tenacious crab spider who keeps rebuilding his (her?) web in the same spot no matter how many times I walk through it.

297. Generations of women reaching out to one another.

298. Stories of lives saved OUT of sin.

299. Stores of lives saved FROM sin.

300. Reconnecting friendships that the rush of life has interrupted.

301. Tears that release sorrow and help healing.

302. Community in which to share life.

303. Sewing machines and last-minute costume design.

304. Hot soup on a cool night.

305. Peas growing.

306. Enough for today.

307. Hoeing in the garden--an act of faith when so little is growing!

308. Dry erase markers.


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