Monday, November 21, 2011


381. The release of writing.

382. Six-foot-five "Huckleberry Finn," complete with overalls and straw hat.

383. Quiet but industrious day at home.

384. The camaraderie of a small class.

385. Full cupboards (a rare thing, according to my children.)

386. Order--even if only until the kids come home.

387. Christmas visit?

388. Sixteen years of Happy Girl.

389. Beautiful cool day.

390. All laundry complete (for a minute).

391. Doing things that intimidate me.

392. Clearly answered prayers.

393. Beautiful words from women to show my girl how others see her.

394. Teamwork!  Mall traffic on Saturday night.

395. A teacher who will leave a legacy through the lives he touched.

396. A miracle last week to bolster me for a great sorrow this week.

397. Cilantro plants!

398. Enthusiastic teenage Bible teachers.

399. Generous people who team up to help those in need.

400. Much deserved favor for my husband.


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