Friday, November 18, 2011


342. Fresh printer cartridges after eking every last drop from the old one.

343. The enthusiasm of middle-schoolers.

344. Outdoor dogs sneaking in as we air out the house.

345. Baked sweet potatoes and butter. (Everything's better with butter!)

346. Hearing the recorded voice and mischievous chuckle of a loved one we've missed.

347. Bonfire book reports.

348. Travel days with just us two.

349. Time to spend with my sweet parents.

350. Good genes. (Thanks, Reeds!)

351. Waking up in Montana to fresh snow.

352. Getting a turn to sit at the "red fence window" and watch a bunny come begging.

353. A wedding that is just the beginning of happily ever after.

354. Dancing with the Cowboy--good music and no smoke!

356. A will of iron packed into 35 pounds of Claire.

357. Amazement at how she learns new words.  "Chocolate!"

358. Having my dance partner charmed away by two adorable Nave girls.

359. Clear roads to drive home on.  How I've taken them for granted in Florida!

360. Cold day relaxing with books and my parents.


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