Monday, November 28, 2011


415. Walking across the pasture after dark, startling the sandhill cranes roosted in the marsh.  Everyone jumps!

416. Pink morning sky--rain maybe?

417. Montana waltzing into the house like she owns the place.

418. Crockpots.

420. Cows bellowing for breakfast.

421.Surprise visitor at the back door--a horse!

422. Brother bear in his beekeeper hat.

423. Thanksgiving dinner with family. Who are these big people at the "kids" table?

424. Towhead toddler (and several adults!) belly laughing at the tooting cat on the ipad.

425. Sweet little voice in the morning, "Good morning, Reed!"

426. Homemade trellises for my sugar peas.

427. The official start to the Christmas season-decorations and ELF!

428. Tiny tree frog who snuck in and is resting on my marble table.

429. Cool breeze through the window


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