Sunday, November 20, 2011


361-Murdoch's Farm and Ranch. Love this place!

362. Hot coffee and snickerdoodles at the Leaf and Bean.

364. Airplanes-rather miraculous!

365. Mickey, the miracle dog.

366. Dark clouds over the mountains, heavy with SNOW.

367. Evergreens towering, their branches frosted white.

368. The heavy responsibility of preparing young people for the future.  A reminder: I am not alone.
"Go with the strength you have," (God to Gideon.)

369. Oswald Chambers

370. A young mother-to-be wrestling with a difficult decision.

371. Inspired ideas.

372. God weaving a story.

373. Women praying together--a mighty army.

374. Elderly teachers who have not lost their passion.

375. Funny little text messages from my Songbird.

376. Swarms of teeny tiny toads fleeing my van tires on the driveway. I hope they eat mosquitoes!

378. Fingernail clippers!

379. Cancelled appointments....more time to think, more time to pray.

380. Driving with Happy Girl.


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