Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Real Love Story

Actually, I don't know how this story will end, but I can see His hand all over it.  He IS writing it.

Today I was asked to pray for a girl who is scheduled tomorrow for an abortion.  Ironically, her childhood friend--the friend who walked her through an unplanned pregnancy once before--is on this earth because her mother cancelled an appointment to abort her.

She knows this.  She's probably on some level grateful to that mom for the life of her friend.

But this is about her.  She cannot raise a child.  And she won't "give her baby away."

In her mind, this is the best thing for everyone.

She doesn't know that just across town, there is another young woman.

Married five years, people are now asking light-heartedly, "So, when are you two going to finally start your family?"

If only it were that easy.

An endurance athlete and tenacious spirit, she confesses that it is difficult to answer these well-meaning questioners without breaking down.

Knowing there may be no answer this side of heaven, she still wonders why God would allow some women to bear children, but not her.  Not her.

As God breaks the hearts of this couple, He opens them to the possibility of adoption.

I read her pain as she shared it on her blog--and began praying.

Her mother sent me an e-mail, asking to share with her if I happened to learn of a young woman who may be wanting forever parents for her baby. I hadn't, but promised to keep praying.

My prayer journal is freckled with requests to bring together this hurting young couple and a young woman who would trust them with her child...

Then today.

Oh, Father, I see Your hand in this.  Will you hear the prayers for this baby and dear young mother, and answer them with this young couple?  Would you reach her heart and help her see that it is not a "giving away" of a child, but a "taking home"?

Will You take the prayers for this beautiful, godly couple, and answer them with this child?

Will You use this situation to show a fatherless young woman that she has a Father who will never leave or forsake her?

You would weave a beautiful tapestry here, Lord, but you never force.  Taking a great risk for the sake of a love relationship, You gave us the power to choose.

Oh, God, I pray that she would choose what is best over what is easy.

In the choosing, I pray that she would find the love that You created her for.


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