Monday, November 7, 2011


266. Full week on less than one tank.

267. Pink dawn.

268. Sunflowers still blooming in the front flowerbed.

269. Morning clouds looking like mountain peaks to remind me of home.

270. Cool mist hovering among branches.

271. Deut. 7:9 He is the faithful God who keeps His covenant for a thousand generations and LAVISHES His unfailing love on those who love Him and obey His commands.

272. A squadron of dragonflies patrolling the pasture (I hope eating mosquitos!)

273. Sticky note reminders of a wonderful July with two great kids.

274. Sharing the 18th birthday of a young woman they weren't sure would have a first one.

275. My hero of a son, who charged, nerf sword in hand, into his closet to "slay" ghosts so his two-year-old cousin could sleep.

276. Little blonde curls and two-year-old chatter.

277. The newest calf and a sandhill crane in a playful dance together.

278. The excitement of a fairly new believer sharing what she's learned from God's word.

279. First graders enjoying the farm.

280. Drumbeat of wagging tails beating against the back door.


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