Friday, October 28, 2011

Prayer for the Weekend

In about an hour, I will leave to spend the weekend at a purity event for young women.

Lord, I know to them I am an old lady.

They think I don't understand...that it's easy for me to say, "Stay Pure," because I am married.

Help them see past my wrinkles, bifocals and comfy clothes

and know that in this "ancient" casing beats the heart of a girl with regrets

--regrets that I long for them to miss out on!

I pray they will see as well that this same heart rejoices that You can make anyone pure and blameless.  You can weave a beautiful tapestry from the threads of a tattered life.

For each young woman there, I pray that she will find acceptance and freedom in Christ.

I pray that those who have chosen a straight path would be humble and encouraging to all who are there.

At the same time, I pray that they would not feel looked down upon because of their self-inflicted innocence.

Let it all be about Jesus.

 Give us a judgment-free zone, Father.

Father, if there are any there who may be wavering in their walk--I pray that you would use this weekend, Your Word, and the community of loving believers to strengthen them.

Oh, Abba, let us BE loving believers!

If there are any coming with hard hearts, I pray that You will soften them to truth, and our hearts to them.

If any are coming with shame or regrets, I pray that they would release the shame in repentance and be washed truly clean by the blood of Christ.

Father, I release the need to control the responses of others.  I trust You to woo each heart.



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