Monday, October 24, 2011


221. Happy girl's morning face: squinchy eyes, half smile, messy hair.

222. Date night planting seeds with the cowboy.

223. Nearly full moon over the barn, swishes of clouds turned pink by the setting sun.

224. Brother Bear and his fire tricks.

225. Chances to praise instead of correct.

226. Dads who continue to learn and challenge their sons to do the same.

227. Magic tricks proudly performed by my son to first skeptical, then amazed first-graders.

228. A chance to encourage.

229. Laughter that opens minds to learning.

230. Old airplanes that need fixing (and people who will pay to have it done!)

231. Repaired tooth that I postponed fixing way too long.

232. New baby in the front pasture--so gorgeous!

233. El Torro's "grin" as I come to see the new calf.  Is he proud, or is this a threat?  It is absolutely NOT intimidating!

234. Evening talk time with my family.
235. Healthy kids.
236. No more gas card--a chance to trust God instead of man.


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