Saturday, October 8, 2011


45. Strong, committed friends.
46. Encouragers for my family.
47. The Word in all its richness.
48. Okay, this is not PC--but I consider BUG KILLER to be a gift--and if you had roaches the size of Volkswagons where you live, you would, too.
49. A high-milage car (and truck) that keep on keeping on.
50. Generous strangers who give gifts I never asked for.
51. Passionate teachers.
52. Simplicity
53. Quite times.
54. Beautiful, stirring music with melody so rich it does not need to depend on percussion.
55. Juan Ciervo: The "not-my-style" deer head that hangs over our (white) fireplace.
56. Improvisational cooking.


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