Saturday, October 22, 2011

#206-#220 Beautiful are the feet

206. Happy Girl's "foot shots."
207.  My Songbird safely home after car trouble.

208.  Good strong eyeglasses to enable me to see a beautiful morning.

209. Painting the nails of adolescent girls at the car bash.

210. Hard truth, right between the eyes.

211. Walking down the driveway at dusk, talking to my parents on the phone.

212. Long distance so I can comfort my sister a continent away.
213. Nose to nose with a calf.

214. Being told that my "nerd" is showing by a student.

215. Community theater.

216. The privilege of voting.

217. Birthdays that celebrate life.

218. Young men who rise above difficult circumstances with courage and integrity.

219. Stories of lives redeemed by Jesus and the courage of the women who share them.

220. Two generations working together to touch a third.


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