Friday, October 21, 2011

#191 - #205

191. Truth unraveling bit by bit.
192. Cold snaps and sweater weather
193. Women who hunger to build up other women.
194. When my Songbird is in the mood to talk.

195. Sandhill cranes picking through the pasture.
196. Kids at the table learning the Word.
197. Unimaginable mercy.
198. Mornings early enough to see the first light creep into the sky.
199. Beautiful, big-eyed Chinese girl, preparing to meet her forever family--the best kind of blended family.
200. Favor at the livestock market!  Above market price for our crazy cow and calf.
201. Possible students already for next year.  God's whisper that He will provide.
202. A cool breeze to blow through the un-AC'd house.
203. Freedom to live in the power of the Holy Spirit.
204. Forgiveness in Christ, that allows me to forgive others.

205. A long list of unique and godly women who have influenced my daughters.


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