Thursday, October 20, 2011

#172 - #190

172. More laughter!
173. Big, clumsy boys

174. An afternoon visit with a new friend.
175. A chance to encourage a young woman.
176. French Skype chats with Aaoutatif, my adorable Guadeloupian friend.
177. The promise of a cooler weekend.
178. Tiny fingernail shaving of a moon just before new moon.
179. Surprise checks in the mail.
180. A cowboy who will take the time to stop me in my routine and lead me to a place where I can enjoy gifts I might not have noticed.
181. A snuggly hammock on a fall morning.
182. Sunrise over the pasture.
183. Sandhill cranes flying off two-by-two for the day.
184. One, long line of bird, legs streaming behind.
185. The bugle of the cranes just waking.
186. Happy Girl, my early bird, stepping out to share the morning.
187. Ponytail bouncing behind as Happy Girls takes off to the barn with dogs in tow.
188. Celebration of a legacy.
189. Clean porches
190. Hot and cold running water.


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