Sunday, October 9, 2011

What Farmers Know

Ann Voskamp posted recently about the discipline of rest.  Someone had commented to her that as farmers, they had no choice but to rest. As a businessman in a declining economy, he was finding it difficult to take a rest.  He envied the farmer.

The thing is, a businessman needs rest just as much as a field does.  Perhaps even the business itself needs to rest so that it can grow.  I don't know.

To call ourselves farmers is a tremendous stretch.  Twenty cows and a watermelon patch does not a living make, so we have one foot on the farm and the other in the 9 to 5.

This year of planting has given us some small insight and comparisons.  The advantage that farming has over business is perspective.  When you are looking to the land to produce income, there is an ever-present awareness that your control over your circumstances is negligible.

I don't know how a man could farm and not be a praying man...

The weather must be warm enough to plant seedlings. If it warms up too late, you have a problem.

Plants need water...but not too much!  Then, God willing if there is a good crop, the fruit must be picked and sold quickly so it won't rot.

Way too many variables, in my opinion.

Our "day jobs" give us predictability.  If we do certain things, then we will receive a paycheck of a known amount.

It's an illusion.

The man of business ultimately has no more control over circumstances than the farmer.   The "security" offered by a paycheck has a shelf-life of about two weeks.

Farmer, engineer, or CEO we are all dependent on the same Provider for our daily bread.  Some professions just make you more aware of it.


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