Wednesday, October 19, 2011


154. Laughing at the love-sick, bellowing serenade of El Torro outside my bedroom window.
155. Interesting, honest teenagers.

156. The opportunity to continue for one more year earning income doing something satisfying

157. Early morning, quiet house, sun just peeking up.

158. More than enough food in the fridge.
159. Almost the end of hurricane season!
160. Beautiful worship music by young people.
161. The ability to share even small things.
162. Corny jokes.
163. Truth when I need it.

164. Every single "fear not" in the Bible.
165. Momma cows and babies in the "nursery" nestled in the morning grass.

166. Great books that explore through a story worthwhile truths.
167. A coyote tucking away into the woods.
168. Sitting with the calves and the kids on a cool evening.

169. Calves tentatively approaching...which will win, curiosity, or fear?

170. A rare meal out with friends.


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