Thursday, October 13, 2011


83. Good training for my children.
84. Full moon over a misty marsh.
85. Happy/sad funeral of a believer who has lived well.
86. Sunrise over the barn.

87. Companion oaks standing guard over the pasture, offering shelter.
88. Three old dog on the porch, tails wagging, as Happy Girl pulls on her boots.
89. Songs that allow my Songbird to say what she won't in conversation.
90. Dragon flies flapping against chicken wire.
91. A big truck between me and El Torro as we move the herd.

92. Cows chasing the truck to the new pasture.
93. Calves frolicking.
94. Rubber gloves when there is a dead chicken in the yard.
95. Notes of appreciation from students.
96. Butter.
97. Shade trees on hot days.


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