Thursday, October 27, 2011


250. Friends who are like sisters.

251. Passionate mentors and friends to encourage me to love and good works.
252. The joy and privilege of interceding for friends.
253. Yellow butterflies playing chase--reminding me of a song I loved in first grade...
254. One more clean bill of health for a child--a gift I deeply treasure and wish I could share.
255. The truth: EVERYONE is created to do a great work.
256. The reminder: even small things can be great works.
257. Everyday chances to encourage.
258. Before bed talks with the cowboy.
259. Looks of adoration from my daughters for their father.

260. Waking up just a little bit cold.
261. An 11th hour inspection to tide us over.  God provides!
262. Revelations: God is not just good when He wounds.  He is just good.
263. Hot cocoa in the barn on a cold morning.

264. New tires for an old tractor.

265. Sprouts in the garden--come on spinach!!!


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