Saturday, October 15, 2011

#126 -#139

126. Printers and two sides of paper.
127. Chances to speak French, even if badly.
128. Surprise Doritoes for the "starving" boy.
129. Rainy afternoons
130. Bread baking.
131. A frog symphony
132. The cowboy chatting with our elderly neighbor and making her feel special.
133. One more trip to Europe for my sweet parents.
134. Mommas and calves gleaning in the melon patch.

135. Old farm dogs doing the early morning "happy dance."

136. Miracle healings for farm cats.

137. Gaining extra aunts and uncles through marriage
138. Big extended family dinners--complete with the noise of big kids playing like little ones and expansive personalities expressing themselves.
139. The chance to give thanks for not enough and see what God will do.


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