Sunday, October 16, 2011


140. Teenage girls all dressed up and feeling beautiful.
141. Laughter shared between siblings who normally bicker.
142. Shiny beetle digging up the earth. (I hope this is a good thing...)
143. El Torro coming right up to the fence to greet (threaten?) me.  Such a small fence!

144. The presence of that small fence!
145. The courage of my "boy/man" hunter.  "I want to go alone."
146. The fact that poop fertilizes.
147. Fro-yo dates with Happy Girl.  Shhh. It's a secret.

148. Side-splitting laughter.
149. Extra work for the cowboy.
150. The chance to watch God provide when we can't.
151. That any losses I've had have mainly just been "stuff."
152.  Having a place to give a 16th birthday party for a brave young man whose 15th year was pretty rough.
153. Homemade soup and fresh baked bread.


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