Tuesday, November 29, 2011


430. Philipians 2:13 For God is working in [me], giving [me] the DESIRE and POWER to do what pleases Him.

431. Worship with my church family. We are not perfect, but we are family.  Lord, help us grow into Your likeness!

432.  Sunday afternoon naps.

433. Working cows all together.  (Okay, so my primary job is as photographer....)

434. Caleb witnessing his first castration: "HEY!  What's the big idea?!"

435. Retirement for Kimberly, the first calf born on this farm, now 20+ years old.

436. Barn spider catching a fly without a net!  Gross and fascinating at the same time.

437. Peanut butter "lollipops" in the BBQ house with Caleb.

438. Dinner around the table after an active day.

439.  Cowboy doing research on more ways for El Torro to share the love and produce income.  Well, then.

440.  Early to bed, early to rise!

441. Overcast morning--the promise of cooler temperatures to come.

442. Surprise from friends: Dried Mangoes from the Phillipines.

443. Tenth grade girls working out a passage of Scripture

444. Rain!!!!


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