Thursday, November 10, 2011


309. Another chance to have an eternal conversation.

310. Health insurance

311. A doctor who prays

312. A healthy body

313. Camping, "Disney style"

314. The enthusiasm of 8-year-olds playing games.

315. Double-thick air mattresses for my worn out joints.

316. A tent big enough for six people.

317. Laughing in the tent before sleep.

318. Ridiculously large horses.

319. A warm husband to snuggle up against on a cold night in a tent.

320. Wide-open personalities who make me laugh until it hurts.

321. Young men (whom I knew as toddlers!) stopping by my campsite to chat.

323. The wonder and privilege of watching a generation of children grow up.

324. Warm sun after a cold night.

325. Single-cup drip brewer for coffee.

326. More than enough stamina to keep up with teenagers on a scavenger hunt (the adrenaline helped).


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