Wednesday, November 30, 2011


444. Friends coming together to bring joy to the end of a bad day.

445. Celebrating life by celebrating birthdays. If God gave you life, you are here for a reason!

446.  A chance to be the giver!

447.  Brother Bear's enthusiasm after a film club meeting.  Lord, help me listen with equal enthusiasm as he shares.

448. Sparkly shoes for a sparkly friend.

449.  Siblings who enjoy hanging out together.

450. Advent readings.

451. The coming of the Christ child.

452. Another three weeks to enjoy someone we love.

453. "Go Fish" French lessons.  (As-tu des trois?  Non, vas pecher...)

454. Causes worth fighting for.

455. Pioneers willing to pave the way for others.

456. Like-minded friends.

457. Cousins who are my friends.

458. Excellent role models throughout my life.

459. Past students who want me to teach them again.  Ahhh.

460. White faced heifer joining the steer brigade around the field.

461. My son's man-giggle as he watches Lilo and Stitch in French.


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